Barefoot Biz, Inc, is a woman owned business in Florida founded 2001

Living in Florida offers many opportunities for just about any water sport there is to offer. Year round swimming, boating. surfing, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking , camping and even canoe trips on the river. One thing is for sure…..




Packing for these excursions can be difficult to keep to a minimum and for my family the big Terry towels would take up an entire bag and was a heavy, sandy wet towel to tote home later.

That is when the idea to design a full size towel using a fabric that was lightweight, colorful, and easy to pack for travel was created . A “Tube Towel” that would “fit in” just about everywhere and used by anyone, any sport ,or travel adventure. The water resistant Tube can be used to store your keys, phone, wallet, or sunglasses .

Tube Towels are popular for a business that specializes in competitive swim teams, many sporting activities, gift shops, or just for that special personalized gift or corporate promotional event.

Enjoy our website to see how many opportunities you have to use a Tube Towel.