Tube Towels

The Tube Towel is a popular choice for all your travel and sporting activities. They are a full-size microfiber suede towel that is lightweight, easy to pack, super absorbent and dries quickly

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Many Popular Colors

Tube Towels come in many popular colors to choose from like Royal Blue, Hot Pink, Lime, Black, Purple, Yellow, Emerald, Ice Blue, Orange, Aqua, Red, Coral, and Camel


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Many Different Uses

Whether swimming, boating, rafting, or kayaking, Tube Towels are the convenient and fun choice


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Tube Towels

Why carry a Heavy Terry Towel when you can carry a full size “Tube Towel”. Fabric is microfiber suede, lightweight and super absorbant. Easy to wash and dries soft to the touch. If it gets wet just wring it out and it dries quickly.

Swim and Sport

A new generation of towels made of micro-fiber suede. Compact, super light, ultra absorbent and easy to pack and carry. Works like a “soft” body chamois, wring it out and it dries quickly. Dense enough to be a wind breaker.

Boating & Motorhomes

Tube Towels are perfect for taking them out on the boat for Deep Sea Fishing, Yachting, and Even Scuba Diving! Because they’re Easy to Pack and Carry, Tube Towels are also great for your Camping Expeditions.

Tube Towels


Tube Towels are a favorite for Swim Team Moms. Unlike the heavy soggy terry towels, Tube Towels travel easy and can last all day! Just wring them out and it dries quickly. Also is dense enough to be used as a windbreaker.

Embroider with Team Logo or individual name for that perfect gift.

From Boaters to Kayakers, to Four-Legged Friends, Tube Towels are Very Popular

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